Connect your assets to the cloud in 5 mins

In industry we often use protocols such as RS485 or RS232 with wire connections. While most of the information can be treated locally in the factory via the PLC, you might benefit from being able to visualize your assets and their events on the cloud. In this case our small communication module can help you do that, in less than 5 minutes.

Edgen_RW01 is so tiny that it can either be integrated inside your machine or on the rail of your control cabinet.

Once connected to your asset, it encrypts your local data then sends it to the cloud via protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT or your own specifications. The module also communicates bidirectionally so that you can send commands to your machine.

The gap between the physical world and the cloud

The gap is closing between the physical world and the cloud. The rapid development of electronics, telecommunication and IT, as shown with our little module, means that your machine is no longer isolated. Being connected to the digital world enables data from different machines to be stored and analyzed together on the same cloud platform in a very easy way. With a most modest budget, you can now monitor and optimize your assets or production.

We are a team based in France and in China. We speak French, Chinese and English. If you are looking for a technical and culture facilitator in your projects or are interested in communication modules for your assets, do contact us for more information.

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