Business is all about trust

More and more of my international clients ask me to visit their Chinese business partners and I am asking myself why. 

During the last 2 years of Covid-19, international travel has been wildly impacted. What’s more, the Chinese government deploys strict Covid-19 measures, which make business trips between China and the rest of the world almost impossible. However, the need remains and Chinese’s import-export activities continue. In sectors such as health care and electronics, the transactions are more intensive than ever.

When doing business, it’s important, sometimes crucial, that suppliers and clients meet. Important on both sides. Clients need to ensure that suppliers are serious enough and providing services and products of good quality.  Suppliers need to see how serious the clients are and if the cooperation will be long term. This can completely change the proposal that suppliers will make to the client. As a client, you will get an expensive proposal from your supplier if he thinks that you are a small player and that the orders you will place will remain small or is only a one-shot. As you know, business is all about trust. Shaking hands and taking a tea or coffee together helps construct a higher level of trust. Even though we can talk about technical details via web meetings and by emails, meeting in person make the difference. 

While most of our business partners who work at distance are serious enough and do a good job, there can still be some who don’t meet the requirements and are not as good as their images on the web suggests.

 If you have any requirement for a visit to be made to your clients in China, you can contact us. We are a team based in Ningbo and in Paris. We speak English, French and Chinese. We stake our reputation on being reliable business partners and, as such, we can accompany you in all aspects of your product development.

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