Cofounder & CEO

I am Chinese and have lived in France for over 10 years. 

After graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris (one of France’s top engineering schools, founded in 1824), I have held positions of responsibility in industrial companies including Air Liquide, Fives Stein and Solystics. My technical knowledge and expertise is in embedded systems, electronics, telecommunication, automation, image processing, data analysis. 

Practical, open-minded and result-oriented, I enjoy motivating efficient team work.

Fangyan SUN

Luqing PAN

Cofounder & CTO

Expert in telecommunication, I am an electronics engineer working in the industry since graduating from Zhejiang University (ranked #45 in QS Global World Rankings 2022) in 2014. 

I have worked for TCL Communication as a senior RF engineer and  SUPCON as a hardware engineer. In TCL, I worked on their first 5G project which had its volume production in 2020.

Fast, creative, truthful and competent, I bring determination to making things succeed.